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Media Mentions

July 15 2022 – The Australian

Max Maddison: NSW Liberals divided on March 2023 election strategy

North Sydney’s Independent spokesperson, Kristen Lock said the group was still assessing in which seats it would support candidates, but expected to launch at the end of July.

July 12 2022 – The Daily Telegraph

Anna Caldwell: Liberals need to start planning now to fend off the teals

North Sydney’s Independent group, who helped propel Kylea Tink into the federal seat, will host a launch event later this month, having identified the state seats of Lane Cove, North Shore and Willoughby as targets.

June 2022 – The North Sydney Sun

Grahame Lynch: Fresh from Tink success, indy group now targets State

Buoyed by their stunning success in identifying Kylea Tink and propelling her on the path to victory over Trent Zimmerman in one of the safest seats in the Country, the North Sydney’s Independent group is now setting its sights on the State seats of Lane Cove, North Shore and Willoughby.

June 11, 2022 – The Australian

Max Maddison: Seats at risk but Liberals don’t fear teal repeat

Senior Liberals believe up to four seats could be threatened by teal independents at next year’s NSW election, but say the state’s ­optional preferential voting system and the party’s performance on progressive issues will stave off a full-frontal assault.

June 10, 2022 – The Guardian

Michael McGowan: Group that helped unseat a federal Liberal MP sets their sights on NSW election

The group that helped launch the successful bid for the formerly safe Liberal party seat of North Sydney are now turning their attention to the looming New South Wales state election, identifying three key Coalition electorates as targets.

September 18, 2021 – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jacqueline Maley: Meet the Liberal Party’s latest problem: a climate-driven independent

As a mum and a businesswoman and a CEO, [Kylea Tink looks] at the inaction of the past decade and can’t sit still anymore. Tink says the government is “protecting the VHS economy while everyone else has moved onto the livestream economy” and “We need to be embracing change as a nation rather than cowering and focusing on what is disappearing anyway.”

August 23, 2021 – The Guardian

Katharine Murphy: Voters in Sydney’s Liberal ‘heartland’ more worried about climate than Covid, polling suggests

Voters in three Liberal-held federal seats in metropolitan Sydney remain worried about climate change according to Climate 200, an organisation supporting independent political candidates committed to achieving a science-based response to climate change. The report suggests global heating is the number one issue of concern for voters in the electorates of Wentworth and North Sydney.

August 8, 2021 – The Sun Herald

Anne Hyland: Liberal revolt as voters push for ‘independent’ change

Spokesperson for North Sydney’s Independent – Kristen Lock – “Trent seems a nice enough guy, he’s just impotent when it comes to effective policy change” … “We feel like our voices are being subdued by the LNP party bosses who are telling Trent how to vote”

July 24, 2021 – Central News

Aston Brown: Lockdown forces campaigners to retreat from pub

Spokesperson for North Sydney’s Independent – Kristen Lock – “Zali and Cathy are amazing. Their voices are inspiring and enlightening to hear from. Hearing from them helps our supporters, potential candidates and future supporters quickly recognise and understand the type of representation we are seeking and contrast that with the type of representation we are currently getting with our LNP Party member.”

July 2021 – North Shore Living, Issue 123

Kristen Lock: Push for independent MP

Spokesperson for North Sydney’s Independent – Kristen Lock – “We want [North Sydney] to have a strong and independent champion in Canberra to fix climate and energy policy and bring integrity back into politics.”

June 22, 2021 – ABC 7.30 Report

Laura Tingle: Barnaby Joyce’s first day as Deputy Prime Minister

Spokesperson for North Sydney’s Independent – Kristen Lock – shares a comment on Barnaby Joyce regaining his role as leader of The National Party in a Coalition Government and what this means for NSI’s campaign.

June 17, 2021 – North Shore Times

North Shore Times: Advertisement:

North Sydney’s Independent advertises in the North Shore Times for interest from potential candidates and supporters who want independent representation for our electorate of North Sydney. We are looking for:

  • A representative who will vote for urgent climate action and an independently funded ICAC (independent commission against corruption).
  • An independent in the spirit of Ted Mack and Zali Steggall who understands their role is to engage with and be the voice for the community who voted for them.

June 15, 2021 – The New Daily

Michael Pascoe: Independents winning even before they run:

“The outbreak of small “l” Liberalism – a species considered threatened, if not on the verge of extinction – over the Biloela family comes after all three had voted loyally with the government to repeal the Medevac bill, an action aimed at depriving asylum seekers access to Australian medical treatment”

June 7, 2021 – Central News

Aston Brown: Grassroots political movement sending a message to Canberra:

Over the next few months Central News reporters are following around North Sydney’s Independent – a grassroots campaign to find a candidate to challenge for the seat of North Sydney at the next election.

June 4, 2021 – Sydney Morning Herald

Sam Hutchinson: Sydney Morning Herald’s CBD Section:

Friendly Fire, a slew of independents have also cropped up in the seat and there’s another newly formed group scheduled to launch on Sunday.  Its called North Sydney’s Independent.